I am a design consultant who accompanies a proposed building project from idea through to fully approved plans. I work principally with builders, developers and architectural practices as well as with private clients.

I see my task as enhancing profitability - for commercial clients by making a property both easier to sell and with a higher margin, and for private clients by increasing the equity in the building at the same time as satisfying the real aspirations of its occupants. I add profit and value to space by making it more attractively liveable.

I specialise in small-scale living spaces and working environments, and what I am good at is understanding and influencing the right human dynamics within a space.

I believe that good design is about clearly identifying the functions that a building must perform, and understanding the quality of experience and the social relationships that will take place within it. This forms the basis for all of the practical design decisions that will need to be made in order to create an effective environment that meets all of the occupant’s practical, physical and emotional requirements.

My consulting relationship with the client is crucial. My work will profoundly influence the occupation and experience of any space that I help to design. My designs of space are therefore individually crafted to meet the unique physical and emotional aspirations of each client, whether commercial or private.

Firstly, of course, the client's physical and functional needs must be fully met in terms of the number and size of rooms, general layout, required services and facilities, environmental performance, cost, and the priorities within all of these. My speciality, however, is that within those physical spaces I create an environment that will actively nurture and support living or working, encourage harmonious relationships and dynamics, and create a coherence and sense of purpose that is appropriate to their occupancy.

I maximise the human potential of space, particularly in terms of how people will move in relationship to one another within the space itself. I also aim to create an ambience of space, light and energy that reflects the deeper functional purpose of the space, and that elicits responses and interactions that are positive and engaging. I am about creating environments that offer the occupants of a space the potential to perform at their very best.

I design to enhance harmonious human relationships within the coherence and integrity of the whole space. My environments invite and support those behaviours and responses that my clients deeply aspire to. I build in financial profit through creating inspirational qualitative value.